Mescalibur and TGBTS – Lagrange’ Sessions Vol1 [EP vol. 17 / Eg0_020]

This album is the first volume of the “Lagrange’ Sessions”, a serie of live collaboration by Mescalibur and guests. The CD-R version is available from Mescalibur’s label Entropique Productions, packaged in beautiful hand-made cardboard digipacks.
All sounds were improvised and recorded live at Mescalibur’s Studio on november 21 of 2009. Philippe of Mescalibur has carefully edited and mixed these “anarcho-ambient” sessions (no overdubs) to result in 63 minutes of alien squeaks, embryonic melodies, abstract rumbles and luminescent drones running through endlessly drifting clouds of sounds.
If you want to order a CD-R copy please write to philippe(at)

Click on the picture to go the download page

1. Meeting In The Bush Of Stars (16:10)
2. The Crimson Pursuit (16:55)
3. We’ll Build Another Labyrinth Of Clouds (30:29)

Mescalibur : analog synthesizers, artwork
The Ghost Between The Strings: prepared guitar & effects

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