Wavespan & TGBTS : From Our Hands a Darkling Light (WH169)

New collaboration release on Webbed Hand Records :

Wavespan contacted TGBTS several months ago about a collaboration, and received a series of guitar improvisations in early January (2011). Excerpts of these improvisations were processed by Wavespan and treated to various forms of signal processing, including: time stretching, reverb, delay, distortion, amp/cabinet emulation, and filtering. Next, Wavespan went to work on the centerpiece of the album, ‘Ghostwave Theorem.’ After assembling a rough structure for the piece, he began adding some of his own processed field recordings to the mix. At this point, Wavespan cut-up a gritty jazz loop, to which he applied further processing. For the finishing touch, excerpts from Michael Saunders’ The Labyrinth of Music Theory podcast were processed and added to the mix.

For more info and download click on the picture


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