TGBTS : A map of scars [dna112]

New solo full length album A Map of Scars, recorded 2010/2011, out now on DNA Production. More info here

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soundcloud page

TGBTS has now a soundcloud page, on which unpublished tracks will be uploaded for stream.

You can also listen to the 4 first uploaded tracks here (from oldest to newest)

Untitled (august 2009)

The last  dawn (december 2009)

Untitled (august 2010)

Le dédale effacé (february 2011)

Ayato vs Ghosts : Stillborn Dub [Treetrunk Records / Eg0cide Productions]

When Ayato first listened to Stillborn Ghosts‘ double album “over & out” (released in 2009 by Svartgalgh) he immediately detected a dark dub potential in this weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial. So he asked to a member of the band – his friend & collaborator The Ghost Between The Strings – a copy of the original tracks of the album in order to do some remixes. In addition to 4 remixes, he composed new tracks used raw guitar recordings by the 2 members of the band (TGBTS & Stillborn Blues). The result can be considered as a completely new album : “Stillborn Dub” (and maybe even a new band, since the collaboration is going on…)
The album is available as a free download from Treetrunk Records but you can also buy a CD-R version for 5 euros (excluding postage) from Eg0cide Productions. If interested, please write to tgbts0(at) to order a copy

new mail adress : tgbts0 at

Hello It seems that my emails on french provider has many problems. Some messages I send from them never reach their recipients in some countries : Russia, Mongolia, Poland, Netherlands….And I sometimes don’t receive messages sent from these countries.

So from now I’m using a gmail adress :

tgbts0 at

thanks for your attention!

TGBTS : Exile (DomaData Netlabel)

Exile is a 22 min melancholic droney piece made with bass only, orginally recorded in 2009, reworked many times until february 2011.

This is the first solo release of TGBTS since a long time, and I was glad to be invited to release it on DomaData ,  a very promising new netlabel, curated by the creator of Witte Dood and Okkulth Records (now defunct but all releases are still available  for free download)

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