Mystified & TGBTS : Ghostbone [Webbed Hand Records]

A new collaboration album of Mystified (trombone) & The Ghost Between The Strings (guitar) is out on Webbed Hand Records. Cold experimental drones inspired by long winter nights…

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TGBTS : Exile (DomaData Netlabel)

Exile is a 22 min melancholic droney piece made with bass only, orginally recorded in 2009, reworked many times until february 2011.

This is the first solo release of TGBTS since a long time, and I was glad to be invited to release it on DomaData ,  a very promising new netlabel, curated by the creator of Witte Dood and Okkulth Records (now defunct but all releases are still available  for free download)

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Wavespan & TGBTS : From Our Hands a Darkling Light (WH169)

New collaboration release on Webbed Hand Records :

Wavespan contacted TGBTS several months ago about a collaboration, and received a series of guitar improvisations in early January (2011). Excerpts of these improvisations were processed by Wavespan and treated to various forms of signal processing, including: time stretching, reverb, delay, distortion, amp/cabinet emulation, and filtering. Next, Wavespan went to work on the centerpiece of the album, ‘Ghostwave Theorem.’ After assembling a rough structure for the piece, he began adding some of his own processed field recordings to the mix. At this point, Wavespan cut-up a gritty jazz loop, to which he applied further processing. For the finishing touch, excerpts from Michael Saunders’ The Labyrinth of Music Theory podcast were processed and added to the mix.

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Rivers of Ashes : Circular Anamnesis

Rivers of Ashes are back on Eg0cide Productions with an album that ads new elements to their deep droning sounds. Circular Anamnesis remains dark and droney, but with a wider range of sounds and atmospheres. Lusruta has provided various sample-based soundscapes that have been edited, reconstructed, overdubbed and mixed by TGBTS. Artwork by Aesthesea

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Aesthesea Compilation – 10 on 10

Aesthesea celebrates its release number 10 with 10 tracks from various aesthesea family artists and guests.
An eclectic mix of sounds that would possibly fit classifications like:
laidback electronica, idm, jazzy downtempo, dark ambient, noisy piano sounds, black metal…

Features 1 track of Rivers of Ashes, and 1 of The Ghosts between The Strings

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Necktar 2017 vol. 3 (featuring Rivers of Ashes & Ayato vs the Ghosts)

An amazing compilation (in quantity, quality and experimentations), featuring one track by Rivers of Ashes : Back from nowhere (Monochrome mix), and one remix of Stillborn Ghosts by Ayato : Still looking for the exit (dub) (the original track is on Over & Out). For more info and download please click on the picture mirror download page

You are also encouraged to check the 2 previous volumes released by netlabel Le Colibri Nécrophile

Vol. 1 featured collaboration tracks of Anton Mobin & TGBTS

Vol. 2 featured 1 solo track of TGBTS : underwater procession

The Rotations Project (Gryphée & various artists)

“The Rotations Project” is an European musical project (England / Spain / Austria / France) initiated by Wehwalt and centered around the motorized and remote-controlled guitar conceived by the French musician Gryphée.
Each of the musicians worked this guitar’s sample provided by Gryphée in a totally free way, using sonic masses to obtain a final result as eclectic as consistent. Released by DNA Productions

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1. Marc-Henri Arfeux & Gryphée – September Visions (07:52)
2. Wehwalt & Gryphée – Rotation I (08:42)
3. Infinite Inertia & Gryphée – Cancroid Astroid (06:42)
4. Demi-Biche & Gryphée – Pulsations (08:57)
5. M.Nomized & Gryphée – Invertion Rotation (06:36)
6. The Ghost Between The Strings & Gryphée – Autoignition (09:45)
7. MaCu & Gryphée – Voyage (06:14)
8. Kadaverik & Gryphée – Primale Rotation (06:43)
9. Fabrice Coltro & Gryphée – Ether (Based On H.Michaux’s Poem “L’ether”) (04:08)
10. Visoposiv & Gryphée – Rotation V (14:24)