Ghosts Don’t Exist : Xenophyophore (free download, Buddhist On Fire)

Xenophyophore, the 2nd full length album of Ghosts Don’t Exist, is available for free download from Buddhist on Fire. This is is a long minmal droney piece made with treated of e-bowed guitar sounds, and meant to be played as background music during quet/ sleep times.

Click on the picture to visit the mirroring download page

Many thanks to John Tocher for his regular support as curator of  the Buddhist On Fire netlabel and of the Sadayatana podcast.

Ghosts Don’t Exist : Rain [Webbed Handed Records]

Ghosts Don’t Exist ‘s 1st netrelease is a contribution to the rain serie created by C.P. Mc Dill of Webbed Hand Records : 50 minutes of minimal drone,  “for quiet listening while meditating, writing, or going to sleep”

Click on the picture to go to the download page