Ayato vs Ghosts : Stillborn Dub [Treetrunk Records / Eg0cide Productions]

When Ayato first listened to Stillborn Ghosts‘ double album “over & out” (released in 2009 by Svartgalgh) he immediately detected a dark dub potential in this weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial. So he asked to a member of the band – his friend & collaborator The Ghost Between The Strings – a copy of the original tracks of the album in order to do some remixes. In addition to 4 remixes, he composed new tracks used raw guitar recordings by the 2 members of the band (TGBTS & Stillborn Blues). The result can be considered as a completely new album : “Stillborn Dub” (and maybe even a new band, since the collaboration is going on…)
The album is available as a free download from Treetrunk Records but you can also buy a CD-R version for 5 euros (excluding postage) from Eg0cide Productions. If interested, please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com to order a copy

Ghosts Don’t Exist : 4 CD-R on Witte Dood

Some old news about Ghosts Don’t Exist : 4 mini-cd-rs have been released by Witte Dood between 2009 and 2010. They are still available from the label.

(WITT023) Frozen (22 min)

(WITT024) Limbo (16 min)

(WITT051) Electromagnetism (5 min)

(WITT052) Gravity (11 min)

Stillborn Ghosts – Over & Out (2xCDR) [SV061]

(some “old” news that I’ve forgotten to post earlier…)

After 3 mp3 releases, Over& Out, Stillborn Ghosts‘ 4th (and probably last) album is available as a double CD-R from Svartgalgh


Description from the label :

“This fantastic long-playing album defies classification! There are elements of drone, ambient, disconstructed and weirdly re-assembled post rock, industrial and dark noise rock. Both discs come with a complimentary deep and subterranean feel. Supremely adventurous and not to be missed! We recommend this big time!”

Mister Vapor & TGBTS – Esoteric Vapor [Eg0_CD10]

Esoteric Vapor is a new collaborative work of Thomas Park (signing here as Mister Vapor) with The Ghost Between The Strings. This time Thomas programmed tribal rhythm structures and atmospheric synth sequences, on which TGBTS later added guitars (sometimes prepared, sometimes with ebow). The result is a catchy blend of ethno-ambient, mysterious drones, post-rockish guitar riffs and experimental string abuses, sometimes warm and serene (Knowing The Spaces, Basalt Pillar), sometimes dark and gritty (Searching For Dark Cycles, Universal Wisdom), always hypnotic.

Mister Vapor feat. TGBTS : A Basis For Everything by Eg0cide

6 tracks recorded summer 2009, mastered by Mister Vapor early 2010
Edition of 50 hand-numbered copies, in paper cover under plastic sheet
Price : 5 euros excluding postage

To order a copy please write to tgbts[at]free[dot]fr

Luciftias & TGBTS – Symbiogenesis [Eg0_CD07]

Symbiogenesis is a collaborative split album. Each artist has used the other one’s sounds, to create new pieces of dense experimental ambient music. An interesting and organic blend of Luciftias’ abstract, dark soundscapes and The Ghost Between The Strings atmospheric guitar drones and noises…

Comes in 4 pages printed booklet in plastic sleeve

[ TGBTS feat. Luciftias – The Genesis of Contraries by Eg0cide
1. Luciftias – Hoping For The End I
2. Luciftias – The Contrary Of Genesis (sample available on Eg0cide’s myspace page)
3. TGBTS – The Genesis Of Contraries (sample available on TGBTS’ myspace page)
4. TGBTS – Elude
(1) with sounds from TGBTS album “Hoping For The End Of Hope”
(2) with raw sounds from TGBTS
(3) with raw sounds from Luciftias
(4) with sounds from Luciftias track “Come Forth”
Mastering by Luciftias
Artwork by Luciftias & TGBTS

France : 6 EUR postpaid
European Union: 6,30 EUR postpaid
Rest of the world : 7 EUR postpaid
To order a copy please write to tgbts[at]free[dot]fr

Mescalibur and TGBTS – Lagrange’ Sessions Vol1 [EP vol. 17 / Eg0_020]

This album is the first volume of the “Lagrange’ Sessions”, a serie of live collaboration by Mescalibur and guests. The CD-R version is available from Mescalibur’s label Entropique Productions, packaged in beautiful hand-made cardboard digipacks.
All sounds were improvised and recorded live at Mescalibur’s Studio on november 21 of 2009. Philippe of Mescalibur has carefully edited and mixed these “anarcho-ambient” sessions (no overdubs) to result in 63 minutes of alien squeaks, embryonic melodies, abstract rumbles and luminescent drones running through endlessly drifting clouds of sounds.
If you want to order a CD-R copy please write to philippe(at)mescalibur.fr

Click on the picture to go the download page

1. Meeting In The Bush Of Stars (16:10)
2. The Crimson Pursuit (16:55)
3. We’ll Build Another Labyrinth Of Clouds (30:29)

Mescalibur : analog synthesizers, artwork
The Ghost Between The Strings: prepared guitar & effects