Rivers of Ashes : Circular Anamnesis

Rivers of Ashes are back on Eg0cide Productions with an album that ads new elements to their deep droning sounds. Circular Anamnesis remains dark and droney, but with a wider range of sounds and atmospheres. Lusruta has provided various sample-based soundscapes that have been edited, reconstructed, overdubbed and mixed by TGBTS. Artwork by Aesthesea

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Rivers of Ashes (Lusruta + TGBTS) : Breaching the Fabric [wh149]

Rivers of Ashes is a dark ambient collaboration between Lusruta and The Ghost Between the Strings. (This is their first collaboration under this name, but not their first time working together. Rivers of Ashes was the album title of a prior release on the Aesthesea netlabel)

Breaching the Fabric is a collection of long-form dark ambient soundscapes crafted from effects guitar and other sources. It is hosted by the fantastic Webbed Hand netlabel

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Rivers of Ashes (Lusruta & TGBTS) [STC001]

Rivers of Ashes is the first collaboration between Lusruta and The Ghost Between The Strings. Lusruta has used guitar sounds sent by TGBTS and his own electronic sounds and treatments to create 3 deep and powerfull droney tracks.
This album is  also the first release of the new netlabel Aesthesea
It is available as a free download on archive.org

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