TGBTS : Exile (DomaData Netlabel)

Exile is a 22 min melancholic droney piece made with bass only, orginally recorded in 2009, reworked many times until february 2011.

This is the first solo release of TGBTS since a long time, and I was glad to be invited to release it on DomaData ,  a very promising new netlabel, curated by the creator of Witte Dood and Okkulth Records (now defunct but all releases are still available  for free download)

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Aesthesea Compilation – 10 on 10

Aesthesea celebrates its release number 10 with 10 tracks from various aesthesea family artists and guests.
An eclectic mix of sounds that would possibly fit classifications like:
laidback electronica, idm, jazzy downtempo, dark ambient, noisy piano sounds, black metal…

Features 1 track of Rivers of Ashes, and 1 of The Ghosts between The Strings

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