Ghosts Don’t Exist : 4 CD-R on Witte Dood

Some old news about Ghosts Don’t Exist : 4 mini-cd-rs have been released by Witte Dood between 2009 and 2010. They are still available from the label.

(WITT023) Frozen (22 min)

(WITT024) Limbo (16 min)

(WITT051) Electromagnetism (5 min)

(WITT052) Gravity (11 min)

TGBTS : Tales of Emptiness [Treetrunk055]

A minimal dark ambient album created in 2008, could be a Ghosts Don’t Exist album. Released on Treetrunk (thanks again to Thomas for his friendly support). Free download

TGBTS : Hoping for the End of Hope [Eg0_010]

First TGBTS physical release, a double album (2 x CD-R) recorded in 2008, officially released on Eg0cide Productions (without any number release, but could be considered as Eg0_CD01) although artwork was completely conceived and executed by CL of  Comma and An’archives

Limited edition of 18, sold out but now available as a free download on Eg0cide Productions :  CD 1 –   CD 2

Pictures of the CD-R release :