Kecap Tuyul

It’s been a long time since I’ve moved away toward something else


soundcloud page

TGBTS has now a soundcloud page, on which unpublished tracks will be uploaded for stream.

You can also listen to the 4 first uploaded tracks here (from oldest to newest)

Untitled (august 2009)

The last  dawn (december 2009)

Untitled (august 2010)

Le dédale effacé (february 2011)

new mail adress : tgbts0 at

Hello It seems that my emails on french provider has many problems. Some messages I send from them never reach their recipients in some countries : Russia, Mongolia, Poland, Netherlands….And I sometimes don’t receive messages sent from these countries.

So from now I’m using a gmail adress :

tgbts0 at

thanks for your attention!