Rivers of Ashes

Rivers of Ashes is the mail collaboration of Lusruta (digital sounds & sampling) and The Ghost Between Strings (guitars), started in 2009 after several years of a net friendship based about common taste for dark ambient, drone, and many other kinds of experimental musics.

Before choosing a band name, they have released a first collaborative album simply titled Rivers of Ashes under their 2 usual names, on the Aesthesa netlabel, which is also a team of graphic designers including Lusruta himself

A second mp3 album Breaching the Fabric has been released late 2010 by Webbed Hand Records

Their 3rd album Circular Anamnesis, is almost finished and should be available for free download on Eg0cide Productions in a few weeks or months

Aesthesea will soon conceive and host their official page, keep in touch!


3 responses to “Rivers of Ashes

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